About Us

Pikant was born out of my love for experimenting in the kitchen. Where I work, we had a social events club and on Fridays each person would bring a finger food for the lime. I always brought wings with a Tamarind sauce. I started Pikant in 2011 after encouragement from my coworkers to begin selling my sauce. So Pikant's first product was actually Tamarind sauce not hot sauce. 


In 2013, Pikant eventually evolved into a  hot sauce enterprise. I wanted to offer hot sauce with a difference, so I tested out mixing in fruits from my yard. I started off with Five Finger, Pomerac, Mango and Lime. Due to fruit seasonality and availability, I settled on the flavors you see today; Pineapple, Carrot, Ginger-Pumpkin and Scorpion-Sorrel. 


These hot sauces are the perfect blend of the familiar pepper sauce found in every Caribbean household and new flavor combinations customers will be eager to try. 


My favorite part of having this business is hearing my customers say they enjoy the sauces. My customers make it worth it! 


P. S. Pikant means "Hot" in Dutch ????️